1 Year Later: What I’ve Learned


I don’t freak out as much anymore.

So am i still passionate about the issue of sugar, junk food and kids? 

H to the E to the double LL yes!!!

So WHY don’t i freak out as much?

Oh just two small little things called control and power. LOL.

Control:  My children and I are over one year older and wiser than when we started this journey.  They see me on my computer late at night and early in the morning and have asked questions as to what i’m doing.

They’ve also wondered why i photograph food so much-       ha ha.


My kids can now see when too much is too much.  They know how to space out treats.  Both have learned that their stomach hurts and they have no energy when they consume too much of the wrong kinds of  “food.”  And they’ve noticed a stronger immune system- they’re not absent from school due to illness as much as some of the other kids.

I realize changing a society’s culture takes time. And change IS happening!  I can’t control it everyday and everywhere- it’s not about being perfect- but about making more of an effort and a commitment to our kids to do a better job.  Through food education, people will demand better for themselves and their loved ones.

I’ve learned to shift my focus to the more positive side:

                       my love for real food.


…and less on the negative side of sugar sugar everywhere.  However, one small way we all can make a HUGE change is by acting as a voice to our schools to reduce a bit of the junk.


Power:  I’ve learned i can fight back- in a nice way.  I have an army of people just like me.  This army started with social media.  It grew leaps and bounds with Jamie Oliver and my connection with his Food Revolution Community.  It blossomed with my love and support of businesses that do things right like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  We can change the way Americans eat by spending our dollar on real food products.  Because big business has a hard time listening in other ways sometimes…but money talks.  In fact, it downright swears.

It feels good to be powerful and in control.  It feels great sharing what i believe in and what i love.  And i am thankful for readers and fellow real foodies like you.


-The Junk Food Journal


2 Responses to 1 Year Later: What I’ve Learned

  1. Karen says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Amy! Thanks for keeping it, and food, REAL!

  2. RealFoodie says:

    Same to you! And you are one of the best real foodies i know…you do amazing things.

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