That’s how i Rolo

I’ll admit that even I have a little buzz on the first day of school- no, not from alcohol, but excitement. My oldest wakes me up and she’s already dressed with brushed hair and teeth. (this would never normally happen)  On the kitchen table is a note from daddy, and the last sentence reads…

How sweet :).  I’ll take them out for cold ice cream on this 110 degree day and kill a little time until daddy comes home.  This will also give us a chance to talk about how the first day went.

Three o’clock rolls around and the kids pour out the school. Mine is holding an oversized but short, fat pencil.  She gets in the car, unwraps it, and underneath is a….

Some girl (most likely the girl’s mom) gave one to each child in class.  And of course the teacher who specializes in child education, must have deemed it acceptable.  Well, now we can’t go for that ice cream.  Thanks a lot mom whoever you are! (I was really looking forward to that ice cream myself)  I am really trying to hold true to our Pediatrician’s recommendation of 2 or 3 treats per week max.  This is going to be hard.

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