Food Fight

We try to control what junk goes into our kids. Our close friends, family, neighbors, and playdate families know a little bit about our stance on sugar.  But other people who come in contact with our children don’t know how we feel about it- and they are handing out the sugar freely. 

They are wonderful people actually. It’s your child’s effective and warm teacher, the nice moms of your child’s fellow classmates, your hard-working school administration and the volunteer PTO.  Pediatricians recommend 2 or 3 treats per week per kid. Kids and concerned parents are being bombarded by sugar, and moms like myself, feel like every day is one big food fight.  Childhood obesity and diabetes are at levels never before seen. We have this all wrong. Places of education need to contribute to the health education of children, not fight against it.  Let’s keep school for educational puposes and limit the treats.

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2 Responses to Food Fight

  1. Laura Hoff says:

    Now that you mention it, I don’t remember getting a lot of treats at school unless it was Valentine’s Day. Our parents really didn’t dole out treats unless it was a holiday or a birthday. I can see how parents are really getting concerned with the amount of sugar their children are consuming. Also, there is so much hidden sugar in foods such as ketchup, salad dressings and yogurt. I applaud your efforts for bringing an awareness to unsuspecting parents.

    • I remember birthday treats in grade school, and i remember only Valentine’s cards (no candy). I loved making my mailbox and giving and receiving Valentine’s…one of my best memories! not everything needs to revolve around candy…i think it’s getting to be a lazy, “uncreative” crutch. Of course, sometimes candy is definitely called for ;). Thanks for the comment and feedback!

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