Teacher Team Scores A+! 50 Treats Down!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This team of teachers just helped make my year. 

This just saved us about 50 treats!  One for the birthday treat x 25 kids, and one for the “Star of the Week” treat x 25 kids.

Now, if you are beginning to feel sorry for my sugar depraved daughter, just wait.  These same birthday children will usually have their birthday party that same day after school where we of course will be attending, and eating his/her cake for what usually is the second time (I was guilty of this too,) some ice cream and rationing out the take home treat bag of candy.  Also, the after school treats will be starting up soon.  These are high sugar, low-fat treats sold by popular businesses at a table about 10 feet from where the school children exit the building.  And what’s an easy $3.00 from the backpack for a cool treat on a hot day?  Blog love to all, and to all a good….peice of the best quality dark chocolate you can find.

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2 Responses to Teacher Team Scores A+! 50 Treats Down!

  1. Little Sis says:

    Would that they would all make the same request so that our kids (and all of us) could learn that celebrations are about more than a cake. I would LOVE to see this letter come home in a backpack.

    • Right? I’m in the process of promoting my children’s book series to publishers/agents on celebrating in fun ways that don’t revolve around corn syrup, lol. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment.

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