A Sucker for Cookies

Treats really are around every corner. Today’s sugar pusher is a young man in greasy dark blue pants- our friendly neighborhood oil change guy. While we wait, we’re offered these…

“No thanks.”  Little did he know he was talking to the Sugar Reporter, LOL.

We’ve been so good.  Our junkfoodjournal only reads one treat so far this week.  (We are trying to stay in the pediatrician recommended range of 2 or 3 treats a week.) Tomorrow our slate gets erased and we get to start all over again. 😉

After a light, healthy dinner we were allowed a treat. I did a recipe makeover for oatmeal raisin cookies out of this wonderful cookbook from a New York bakery. I halved the sugar and butter.  I was so impressed that it already called for 3 cups of whole oats, and a whole tablespoon of cinnamon which is shown to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Yum.  Crunchy and chewy.  My girls helped in the kitchen, and the baking sent happy aromas throughout our home. While staying true to our junkfoodjournal, we were able to have two cookies each.  However, my daughter liked them so much she sneaked in and ate two more.  Four cookies in one night!  BUT, if i halved the recipe, then four is really two, right?  Right?  Right. I think this week was a success.  Beginner’s luck?  Maybe.  We’ll see what food fights next week has in store for us.

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2 Responses to A Sucker for Cookies

  1. denise allen says:

    Hi, I’m so proud of you. This is a great blog. I like that you use your family for the cute stories that make it personal but that the general info is good for all of us. I’d also love to have you print the receipes – cookies sound yummy. Gaspacho is another good summer soup.
    Sugar is huge issue on Guam. Not only do the kids get it everywhere but we also face crazy over packaging (thanks Asia). Bad for the body and Earth.
    Idea on what to do w/ all your extra sugar: made a sugar scrub w/ coarse sugar, oilve oil, and essence.
    Last, would you mind emailing me that teacher b-day letter?

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