This sugar battle is about to get real

Remember? No treats for the kids until Sunday’s birthday party.  So I pick up my girls from school, and my oldest (and loudest) is the first to chime in.

Daughter: “Can we go to the yogurt shop?!  (best friend) and (best friend) are going?!

Sugar Reporter (me):  “Reeeeeally?”

Sugar Reporter:  “Pleeeeease mommy?!  Pleeeeeease?!”

Sugar Reporter:  “Fine.”  I pull up to the frozen yogurt shop.

Sugar Reporter:  “Wait! Remember the blog?  We aren’t supposed to have treats today!”

Daughter:   “Please!!”

Sugar Reporter:  “Only if you don’t put any candy on.  You can have fresh fruit and nuts.”

My younger daughter:  “Does a (maraschino) cherry count as candy?”

Sugar Reporter:  (sigh.)  “No.”

Daughter:  “What about graham cracker crumbs?”

Sugar Reporter:  “No.”

The girls eat sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, frozen yogurt with blackberries, strawberries and walnuts.  They are perfectly happy. Then a little girl their age walks by.  Her cup is filled so high with yogurt you didn’t think it’d be possible- gummy worms everywhere.  Even in my dreams i would never see that.  My girls are jealous, but fine.

We then drive to the bank to deposit their piggy bank money and the clerk takes out the tall jar of colorful suckers and asks what color they want.

This sugar battle is about to get real.  In the words of Jordin Sparks, “ya better go get your armor.”

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