Today’s press release to the newspapers

One valley mom is fighting back

School is in session, and the war on sugar begins.  

Put on your Nordstrom coat of armor and go in fighting.  Your make-up can double as war paint.
 It’s game time.
The Sugar Reporter, mom of two elementary school-aged children, has started a forum to promote online community discussion of a sensitive topic.  She has created a website to motivate and inspire other moms to stick to their guns when it comes to the amount of sugar going into their children’s bodies.  For one year, the Sugar Reporter is creating a journal to share her combat through the pages of her blog,, in hopes that other moms will find strength in numbers.
 “If moms feel all alone and lost in the battle, they’re not,” she explains.  “There are many of us out there who feel like everyday is one big food fight.”
 Childhood obesity and children with diabetes are at levels never before seen.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report in which they indicated that an estimated 42% of Americans will be obese by the year 2030.  That’s roughly an additional 32 million Americans who will become obese in the next 18 years. (source: The Inquisitr)
“Don’t let that be your child,” Sugar Reporter pleads.  “It starts at home, and all the sweets found in places of education are not helping.”
Concerned about the amount of treats exposed to her children last year, the Sugar Reporter went to her Pediatrician for advice.
“They should only have about 2 or 3 treats per week,” informed her pediatrician at the time, Dr. Laura  Honch.
So this year, she is taking a more proactive approach.
“I don’t think many moms are aware of how little sugar their child is really supposed to have.  I’m a health-conscious individual and it was a shock to me.  If you go to one birthday party, you’ve probably already had your weekly allowance.  Now take in consideration an Icee at the movies, a sucker at the bank drive-thru and a playdate afterschool at the frozen yogurt shop.  It’s time for a change.  Experts recommend a food journal.  I recommend a junk food journal.  We must keep a mental note, at least, of the treats entering into these perfect, healthy, little bodies.”
If you would like to read up on the reality of the sugar crisis in the lives of American children, or share your experiences or battles with sugar, the Sugar Reporter is welcoming an open and honest discussion in her blog,  You will also find healthy, kid-friendly recipes, comments from other moms, and lots of doses of sugar-free humor.
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