Eve didn’t give Adam a white chocolate caramel apple with gummy worms in the garden

No.  It was just an apple, according to the famous biblical story.

Grass roots.  Simplicity.  Food in its natural, pure form.  This is what our bodies are designed to eat…no matter what our religion or ethnicity.  

Eat fresh fish cooked over open fire. Start a garden in your backyard, or better yet, your school.  Currently, we are planting pumpkins in our home garden.  Meet Big Max in his infancy…

He should be ready by October 31st..  The vines are expected to stretch 12 to 15 feet!  The neighbor kids are excited to have a pumpkin party!  You don’t have to ask ME twice.

Of course once sin was created, the dark chocolate pecan turtle apple was invented- sinful.

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