When you dip, i dip, we dip.

Early dismissal today at school.

A bunch of us are meeting at a place with huge trampolines.

My first thought? Yay! Exercise!                                                                                                 My second thought?  Oh no!  Dippin’ Dots!

I already know all the kids will be spooning it out of the bag with frozen dots falling and sticking in place, melting everywhere.

You see the problem is, we’ve already had our three treats this week (plus frozen yogurt, plus juice box) and our junk food journal says NO WAY.  Tomorrow our journal gets erased clean and we get to start over with a new week of treats.  We can do this!!

I think the trick here, is to give them a healthy treat so they think they are still getting a treat without it really being a treat.

But no matter what i come up with, it still won’t be Dippin’ Dots.

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