The rule of (green) thumb

You would like to start a garden.  But you’re too busy and, honestly, don’t really know where to begin.  You’re more of an indoor kind of girl.

Get your hands wet by starting an herb garden!

And you don’t have to wait for it to grow!  You can use immediately in your cooking.

Rosemary on potatoes.  Basil on Caprese and sandwiches.  Dill on fish or in cold salads.  Oregano is marinara sauce.  Italian parsley on everything. But of course, you already knew that.

But what you may NOT know, is don’t substitute equally for dried herbs in your recipe.  Dried are stronger tasting.  So increase the amount of fresh herbs.  The rule of green thumb is to use 3x as much. 

Example:  1 tsp dried?  Use 3 tsp fresh.

I think they look so cute by a kitchen sink underneath the window.

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