Smuckers last stance.

I swear these will be the death of me.

My youngest daughter loves them.  I saw a mom at the park with them once.  I thought, “ew gross, I would never buy those.”  And then i thought, “but how cute and convenient.”

So eventually i succumbed, and bought a box once.  And now she’s hooked.  I think its crack cocaine for a kid.  And they are always there, always fresh, and she loves to eat them frozen out of the freezer! And of course i have a fridge where the freezer is the whole lower third, an easy pull for one small child.  “C’mon!”  I started limiting her to ONE per day.

So now my whole grain bread with all natural peanut butter and all fruit jelly sandwiches are out the window.  See what i mean about developing a taste for something?

I just used up the last one in yesterdays school lunch. Do I have the will power to not buy it again despite her love for her favorite all time food?  And she is such a good, sweet, little girl!

If i love her, i would.  And i do.  So i will. 

But it would be so hard.  It will break her tiny little heart. We all have our vices.  Maybe this one can be hers?  Yes, I think so.  I just have to space them out more.  See?  It’s like a drug! You can actually justify to yourself that this is okay!  This is where food manufacturers need to step it up and create more healthful products.  I would pay more if they made it like i would make it.

Being the sugar reporter, i have to stay strong.  So today, i went back to PB & J originale (as i like to call them.)  And now i can go back to using the cute sandwich cutters i bought at Michael’s craft store in the cookie section.  Why was I in the cookie section?  Ummm…

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2 Responses to Smuckers last stance.

  1. Little Sis says:

    Maybe if you pinch the edges and freeze your homemade version she’ll be more okay with the switch.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. She was totally okay with it. i think i’d need a machine for that! i think all the goo would come out the sides, lol. I did think about premaking some and putting them in the freezer though! But i’d probably need to by a food sealer. I think we are ok, as is. Love the comment!

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