Ideas for healthy school lunches

Hummus and pita are always a good choice.  Trader Joe’s makes it easy if you have one near you.  Regular with pita chips…

or kid-sized whole wheat pita bread with edamame hummus.

And down below, these are not the greasy slim jim’s we had when we were little.  These are lean bison.  I found these at Smoothie King franchise.  They are expensive… $2.50 each, but, what would you pay for the health of your child? They are great along with these healthy crackers with flaxseed.

And Seaweed snacks.  I have one daughter who loves them and one who hates them.  You can find them anywhere now.  But ever since Dr. Oz recommended them, they are flying off the shelves.  Seaweed party is over.  I could only buy 3 bags the other day because the stock was out.  I’ve tried three different brands, and they all taste similar.  I love them.

I see a new wave sweeping over the country…and i think “hot” lunch at school is about to get so much better.  I hope to be a part of that solution.

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2 Responses to Ideas for healthy school lunches

  1. Karen says:

    How about roasted kale chips? Or just eat nori sheets, lightly toasted. Like hummus, try roasting garbanzo beans. Can you tell I like roasting things? Don’t even get me started on using the food processor and making raw food treats. Chocolate avocado mousse? Raw brownies….whoa.

    • OOOOOO…i wanna get you started! I never roasted garbanzo beans before, and i love them, and i love roasting as much as you do, lol. I’m going to try that real soon. I put a whole can of rinsed black beans in my kids brownies and they had no idea. Can’t see ’em, can’t taste ’em. But that is a post for another day! I put roasted red peppers and tomato sauce in a food processor and added some of it to their ketchup. Now don’t get me started! Love your food ideas…always welcomed here.

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