Why would anyone want a caffeinated child?

You’re an adult.  You can do what you want.  But don’t pass off your bad habits down to your kids.  And chances are, they’ll like what you like and drink what you drink.

“I need a little soda to wake me up.”

A friend of mine had a playdate the other day, and this is what the little child told her.  This mom is a lot like me, so she couldn’t believe her ears.

“I’m the mean mom,” she says because she doesn’t give kids the soda they are used to drinking at home.

I guess my first thought is, why would anyone want a caffeinated child?  My second thought is, has anyone read up on soda in say, the last 20 years? I have and that’s exactly when and why i stopped drinking it. Well, i did have a coke on ice maybe a handful of times since then.  And it was awesome.  But you know what else is awesome? Real unsweetened iced tea, lemon water, cucumber water and green tea.

Soda, by way of free radicals, depletes nutrients, destroys healthy tissue and contributes to disease.  It weakens the immune system.  And artificial sweeteners worsen memory.

Think of a child sitting in school, all day, during flu season, in math class- poor thing doesn’t stand a chance.

If you and your child want more energy, take breaks and add exercise to your day.  Shocker.  I know.

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