Part II: The system has holes.

(To read Part I of  “The system has holes” look to the right of the screen under Recent Posts and click. I originally wrote this to show the world that some classrooms in America think it’s perfectly acceptable to let a child eat 27 more doughnuts in the next 9 months.)

I emailed “the doughnut teacher,” for lack of a better term, about my concern.  She emailed me back thanking me for the sugar concern in her classroom and agreed it can be overwhelming.  She said she did not feel like she could ask parents to bring in things other than a sugary treat, or even smaller sizes of, but if that was school wide policy, she would do it.

I got the date and time of the next PTO board meeting (b/c i was going to go anyways) and I typed up a little outline of what i wanted to discuss.

I emailed her back stating it bothered me very much, to be honest with her, and i urged her to rethink it.  I stated that another grade in her school listened to other parents who voiced their concern about sugar and actually did do away with all sugary treats for the year.  I told her i commend that group of teachers for listening to the parents, being proactive and looking out for the health of our school children.

She emailed back asking me to compromise.  She did not want to send out a separate letter to the parents, but agreed to mention it in the Friday newsletter- encouraging other parents to bring in healthier options.  I responded saying that i was thrilled and completely satisfied, and thanked her for listening to me and  addressing my concerns.


And don’t worry, there will still be treats all year long at the class parties, businesses outside the school selling sweets and fundraisers and gatherings at the frozen yogurt bar.  And birthday parties outside of school, and holidays, etc.  There will not be a shortage of sugar, I promise you that.

(Btw, week 3 was a flying success consuming only 2 treats because we didn’t encounter any sugar pushers….)

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