The grain exchange. Keep popcorn pure.

Anyone still buying microwave popcorn?  It’s so easy and fun to pop your own.  And it makes the house smell so good...if you don’t burn it!

I made popcorn on the stove for some children who came over for a playdate, and they said “this has no taste,” (lol) because they are used to over-salted, over-flavored, microwave popcorn.  My kids LOVE it.  They always want me to make it and eat the whole bowl.

Did you know popcorn is a WHOLE GRAIN?  It is!

But Pirate Booty is NOT whole grain.  The kernels are actually taken out!  We ate this for several years because it was the only popcorn allowed by our preschool.  I would imagine so small children didn’t choke?  But my Whole Foods location currently has a GINORMOUS DISPLAY of it because it has a lot of other things going for it. For instance their most popular flavor, aged white cheddar, is made with simple ingredients, it’s baked, contains no additives, is trans fat & gluten-free, cholesterol free and vegan. Whew!

The worst offender?  Shame on you Jolly Time!  Seriously??  Marshmallow treat flavored microwave popcorn?? Now don’t go out and buy it!  That was not my point!  LOL.

(Directions for stove top popcorn:  In a medium-sized pot, pour enough olive oil

 to form a thin cover.  Add popcorn seeds, (found at your local grocery store) to form a single layer that almost covers the bottom.  Cover with a tight-fitting lid and turn heat to medium high.  Start shaking pot (using hot pads) when you start to hear the first pop.  Keep shaking! Pour out.  Add sea salt. Takes 5 minutes.)

As with kids and ANY kind of popcorn, be sure you have a vacuum cleaner, because it will be everywhere, every time…especially the sofa.

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2 Responses to The grain exchange. Keep popcorn pure.

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I totally agree! We made the switch and it is the only way my daughter and her friends will eat popcorn, thank goodness. Thanks for posting! We all love your blog!

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