We had our cake, but couldn’t eat it too.

“til death do you part…or death by chocolate…whichever comes first.

We heard wedding bells!

We helped celebrate this beautiful couple’s Holy Matrimony last night.

While i enjoyed a glass of red on the patio with a beautiful backdrop of the sun setting over the Sonoran Desert, live mariachi music playing romantically off in the distance, i treated my girls to their 2nd treat of the week…a (grande-sized) kiddie cocktail- also known as a Shirley Temple.

(Speaking of romance, love must have been in the air, because their first treat this week were red, heart-shaped suckers they found in their old decorated Valentine box on their closet shelf.  Now that’s shelf life, literally.)

We danced and danced and danced.  I couldn’t stop the silent tears from falling down my cheeks during her father/daughter dance- my daddy passed just two months ago.  But my mood changed when my girls and i did the Electric Slide, and i hardly felt a thing when a fellow dancer wearing sharp-heeled stilettos stepped on my right foot. OUCH!  As i recited the Hail Mary in my head to reduce the pain, i couldn’t help acknowledge the fact that my move was the correct one.

We kept eyeing up the cake, sitting there like an heirloom doll not to be touched- except for the one child who thought it was perfectly acceptable to stick his finger in the lower front tier.  It must have been after i snapped this picture.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Dance, look at cake on table, dance, look at cake on table, dance.

 The cake is still on the table.  

It is now 10:15pm and we have a 45 minute drive home.  Time to go little girls, so very sorry- I guess no cake for us :(.  The tired tears began to fall, but they followed me out to the car.  I set their heads on their pillows and they were asleep in two minutes.

As I drove the highways this labor day weekend, i kept seeing electronic billboards above the highway saying, “Get hammered?  Get nailed.  Get a DD not a DUI.”  I laughed to myself when my first thought was, why would the Scottsdale Police want me to receive breast implants? My second thought, ohhhh…designated driver. Got it.

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2 Responses to We had our cake, but couldn’t eat it too.

  1. abie seltz says:

    I was thinking why do they want you to get laid?

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