Snack Attacks. And you thought shark week was over…

Those little jaws are bloody fast!  Just when you think it’s safe, they come out of nowhere and take whatever it is that they want.  Sometimes they leave evidence, sometimes they don’t.

We’ve all heard, “keep healthy snacks around.”  Well that idea never fully caught on until i instituted the “snack bin.”  It could also be a snack drawer.

A friend hooked me onto this idea.  Before then, the kids didn’t know we had “it” or couldn’t find it.  Now, when its feeding time, they know that everything in this bin i have already deemed acceptable- preauthorized, if you will.

Don’t want them sinking their teeth into snacks before dinner?  Tell them so.  But if they keep circling around the kitchen, ready to sneak them anyway, at least you won’t be deeply disappointed.

Prefer live snacks?  Like fruits and vegetables?  Teach them where to look and that its okay to take from those drawers in the fridge.  I think the refrigerator is actually better, to get them in the habit of going in their first, instead of the pantry. But either area is fine.

Or you can ask or offer ahead of time;  preempt their action.  All i know, is this snack bin has worked for us.  But i tread lightly, you’ve got to do what works best for you and your family and live according to your own food philosophies.  I wouldn’t want to make waves.

If they’re whining how hungry they are while you’re making dinner, put out a platter of fruits and vegetables.  If they truly are starving, they’ll eat it.  If not, they won’t.

(My 6 y.o. niece caught this baby shark while fishing with her daddy off Whidbey Island)

A couple of tips:  You may want to look at serving sizes and pre-portion amounts in individual baggies, so they don’t end up eating the whole bag.  Eating too much and being overweight is the biggest dietary risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes.  My niece who caught this shark, when learning about serving sizes from her mom, said, “well, then i’d like 5 servings of that please.”  LOL.

 Also, don’t forget to clean out the depths of the bin.

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One Response to Snack Attacks. And you thought shark week was over…

  1. jennifer says:

    as I am reading this, my daughter is in the cupboard! We settled on a nectarine. Better start making dinner!

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