Get the dirt on this party

My mind is in the dirt today…because i’m planning a GARDEN PARTY for tonight!  And i’m blooming with excitement!

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution sent their Ambassadors a challenge for September to help spread the word locally and get people excited about healthy, whole food.  I’m always up for a good challenge, so here it is…

I have to help some people start an herb garden!  My neighbors, the family across the street, have this garden with great potential on the side of her house that gets the perfect amount of sun…and it’s going unused.  I can’t tell you how many times we all talked about starting one there.  So tonight, we are holding a little block party to help her get it up and running!

She is sooooooo nice to let me plan a dirty party at her house, literally!  There will be many kids in attendance, and they are going to be the ones doing the planting- it’s all about education after all right?

We went over last night to prepare the soil for tonight’s planting.  My husband did most of the work, shoveling to turn the soil over, fertilizing, watering, etc.  I’m going to spend the day making some yummy garden themed food and put together some favors for the kids.

I will post pics afterwards.

These little cutie pies helped. The one below planted a coin tree last night, and this morning she found two dollar bills growing in the mud 🙂

I better get going, lots to do!

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