Garden party of enchantment

I had about 24 hours to plan a garden block party at my neighbor’s house, if we were going to make this event happen!

I love party challenges.

 I think that’s when i feel most alive and focused!

As I drove home with all the fresh produce for tonight’s meal, i could hear my two watermelons rolling around in the back of my car, lol.  I prayed they were not going to squash all of my organic berries!

Well, the produce and i arrived safely, and i began the 7 hour prep marathon in the kitchen.  It’s a joy to work with such beautiful, healthy, vibrant food that i question why anyone wouldn’t choose to eat this way if they could.  I had to bring a kid favorite, “ants on a log.” In hindsight, i wish i would have used fresh blueberries instead.

I finished just in time and my family helped me carry all the dishes over. My children were especially excited!  In fact, all the children on our block were excited!  The two little girls, whose garden we were planting tonight, met us at the door- anxious to show me what kinds of seeds they bought.

Seeing their smiles from my bunny sandwiches made me happy, and when what you do is appreciated, it makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?  (Cheese, shredded carrots & hummus on wheat or sourdough with pea shoots on the side)

The sky was beginning to look gray, so we thought we better get busy planting!  The kids closed their eyes and picked what herb they were going to plant.  We also planted chives, carrots, radish, dill and others 🙂

I had to laugh at some of the things the kids said…

“Oh! I dropped all my seeds but one!” and “Can i run and go get a sandwich while i wait for it to be my turn?”  Lol.  And when they were done, they had a dance party and a fashion show.  Ah, to be a kid.

And I gave them their sunflower seed treat bags.

The thunderstorm never came, but it did cool down our desert temperatures enough where we could enjoy good food and friends comfortably outside.  One neighbor brought red wine, and another brought homemade roasted Kale chips with a pesto dipping sauce.  And the hostess filled the house with freshly cut flowers and let the kids takeover her stylish home.

My favorite part of the evening was enjoying my panzanella and glass of red talking with my sweet, fun neighbors and incredible husband who was instrumental with the kids in the garden.

When the evening came to a close three hours later (it was a school night) i couldn’t believe all that food was eaten up!  

It was so much fun, and i would do it again in a  …heartbeat.

But my one gummy worm in my dirt dessert offset all the fresh produce!  Forgive me for i have sinned.

It was such short notice!

Looking back, pomegranate seeds would have been the way better choice here.  And actually, now i can think of a million other obvious healthy choices. I am so ashamed!  Never ever again!  In sum, I met the challenge, got the block excited about gardening and healthy food, but fell short here in this dessert.  “The early bird gets the worm i guess.” LOL.  Next time i’ll sleep in!

Thanks to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for giving us the push we needed to start this garden!  And enjoy a fun evening!

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2 Responses to Garden party of enchantment

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I am completely inspired! Loved the beautiful pictures that show me that I too can have a successful party!

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