My kids are scavengers

Each month, as an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, we have challenges that we are encouraged to do.

It's Official. I'm the Scottsdale Ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! (ABC)

We completed challenge #2 (give someone a tour of a grocery store) this afternoon while supporting Whole Kids Foundation which raises money to support better foods in schools.

We did this by participating in a scavenger hunt in Whole Foods!  Our children were given a list of items such as organic chicken, kale, flour, onions, juice, etc., and once they found and crossed off everything on their list, they received a “goody bag.”

I can’t tell you how nice it was to not have to immediately panic, react by quick inspection, and begin the sparse rationing of items in the goody bag- because i know and trust Whole Foods!  It was filled with Kind Bars, drink powder sample for smoothies, Cliff Kids organic fruit rope, granola bars, tattoos, and a recipe for grilled cheese. (They use muenster, cheddar and heirloom tomatoes on multigrain bread.)

The kids enjoyed shaved ice made with fresh fruit puree, water and sugar in a blender- it even still had some seeds in it!  No artificial colors or flavors.  They liked it- they actually thought it was too sweet!  🙂

 And that counted as our third and hopefully final treat of the week in our junk food journal.  


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