Pizza Challenge!

I’ve always wanted to make my dough from scratch, but with Whole Foods selling their fresh, uncooked dough 5 minutes away, i never did.  So I was happy to accept this challenge.

I called my 8-year-old in to assist me.  Although she hated the smell of the yeast, she adored the feel of the dough in her hands.  We had fun building a dam together so the liquid wouldn’t run over the wall and spill out.

My six-year-old helped with the tomato sauce.  She is not afraid of diced tomatoes one bit.  She liked pressing the buttons on the blender and cutting flower shapes out of  buffalo mozzarella.

They thought it would be fun to dress like ninja’s for when they had to punch down the dough!  They are so silly!

I like the crust thin and crusty, with bits of semolina underneath.  It’s nice knowing i have extra sauce and dough in the freezer for another night 🙂  It was a great challenge!  We all loved it.

Here she is right before she went into the 500 degree oven…

…next time, the grill!

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One Response to Pizza Challenge!

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    looks delicious and easy!

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