Holy Cupcakes!

I pulled my girls out of their first religious education class five minutes early 

so they could enjoy a religious experience of a different kind…

a cupcake making class.

We arrived on time to peek over everyone’s heads while the baker did his quick demonstration. Thank God they already had some finished so we could start decorating…

…with frostings made without artificial color.  All colors were vanilla flavored so no artificial flavors either.  Supernatural.

Now we were one step closer to eating them!

 With our see through individual cupcake boxes on our laps, we drove home quickly…it was hard to wait!

We savored them on our driveway, listening to music, under stormy skies.

It was so nice to enjoy the taste of real food without that irony, chalky, hard to describe flavor of imitation food dye.



they got into my garage storage closet (while i walked the dog a few houses down to do his business) and made a scary haunted house out of our Christmas manger.


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2 Responses to Holy Cupcakes!

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Wow, that looked so terrific! =)

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