Rock (candy) bottom.

Looking back, this was probably my sugar low point.

A sweet shop birthday party for her 6th birthday.  It was fun and cute and i had a blast planning it.

I grew smarter at the next birthday party- the princess and the pea sleepover.  Only birthday cake and 1 m&m party favor…

And one gumball.  I was getting better.

I handed out other things instead this time- shower gel, bath scrungy, body spray, and bundles of fabric for them to create with.

I urge other moms, when  planning parties for home or especially for school, don’t use sugar as an easy crutch to make the kids happy.  Be creative.

Make each party truly different.  

Not just another party where you frost a sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles.  That was so last year, literally.  Bring something new to the table!  And you will get a ton of compliments, I promise you.

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2 Responses to Rock (candy) bottom.

  1. Jennifer says:

    I took your advice and boy was I, the other parents and the KIDS happy! We had cake. Instead of sugary treats for our kitty cat birthday party, I made kitty ears head bands, tails, and, painted their faces. Inside their treat bags were goldfish crackers, a superball, dried fruit sticks, and a brightly colored hair extension.

    Thanks for the awareness of all the sugar these little bodies are consuming! No other time in history has this happened. Oh, by the way, the 7 kids and three adults went through 3 pounds of carrots, 2 pounds of broccoli, pizza, and honest kids low sugar lemonade.

    • WOW! It doesn’t get better than that now does it?! So happy and proud of you! What a caring, fun, creative mom…and i bet your daughter had a great time. You are such a role model for other parents to follow suit! xo

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