Chicken soup. Just wing it.

Now that the kids are in school, you might actually have an additional second to think up some meals! Β Let’s think healthy comfort food

Organic chicken egg noodle soup

…with kale in at least your bowl if your feeling adventurous… i put Kale on everything that moves or doesn’t move πŸ˜‰

I hope their first taste of school this year is a good one. Β And i hope you enjoyed a cleaner house with maybe a few moments where you could hear yourself think. Β Or maybe now with homework, it seems like there’s even less time. Β You don’t need a recipe for this…


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4 Responses to Chicken soup. Just wing it.

  1. 5353535 says:

    I am going to make this tonight! Sometimes I just need a good visual Amy! Thank you. Looks delicious and I am going to use the kale. My kids love it and I can’t believe I forget to use it.

  2. 5353535 says:

    I keep making what you make so please keep on keeping on! Any great vegetarian dishes with no tomato? Elena went vegetarian on me at age 7. Always looking for high protein meatless dishes without using too much soy. Thanks

  3. I love feedback. Thanks for the comments, compliments, encouragement, support and suggestion!
    I know i can think up some good recipes for tomato-less high protein meatless dishes- easy on the soy. In the meantime, i’ll post a healthful treat tomorrow that will boost up the protein, fiber, iron and vitamin B.
    I love that Kale seems to stay so fresh and long in the fridge. Just always keep one in the veggie drawer. When it finally goes bad, or you have used it all, restock. Which shouldn’t be a problem if you are like me and could drive to the grocery stores blindfolded.

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