Love love love this treat.

One or two of these would make a great after school snack, anymore might keep them up with the caffeine in the dark chocolate.  Or of course when they want a “treat.”  But you know what?  I’d even let them have it for breakfast occasionally! Yes, that’s right!  But only the dark chocolate ones…white chocolate is just not good for you.  It’s not even chocolate!  There is no cocoa in it.  Just mainly cocoa butter and sugar.Strawberries are low on the glycemic index…very low.  And there isn’t anything wrong with dipping them into dark, heart-healthy chocolate.  In my junk food journal, this doesn’t count as sugary junk.  This is “Food of the Gods.”

Thanks to my friend who took this picture in Las Vegas! Who wants crappy candy, when you can have dark chocolate dipped strawberries…yum.

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