Fear Factor for kids

It was the equivalent to, “drink this smoothie made with hissing Madagascar cockroaches and i’ll give you $50,000.”

But in reality, it was a smoothie made with fruits, vegetables and milk.  It was friday, and our banana was a little too ripe, we were out of frozen berries which change the color from green (kale) to hot pink, and i threw in some peanut butter this time.  My husband and i liked it, but they didn’t.  So, we bribed them.  Yes we did.  The clock was ticking away and it would be time to make that school morning bell.

“If you can down that smoothie, I’ll give you three dollars each, ” my husband dared.

That smoothie went down fast.

Bribery?  Or incentive?  Yes, in a perfect world, every minute of every day, our children should listen to us for the sole reason that we are their parents.  That being said, this was the third bribery, i mean incentive, this week.  The only difference was the other two times  i bribed them with treats.  Bad mommy, bad!  And honestly, i didn’t even have too.  But my husband had his long stretch at work, mostly nights and weekends when the kids were home.  This bumped their treats up to 5 for the week.  So we had to make it up this week- only allowing one treat for seven days.  And we’ve got it in the bag no problem.

Corporations use incentives for employees, and it works.  Businesses use it for customers and it works.  I’m not saying parents should use it for their children, but it works there too.  I will continue to try not to bribe them EVER, but if i get weak and if it happens, i will not use sugary treats.  Maybe a playdate promise.  Maybe a stuffed animal.  Maybe an extra story before bedtime or give them the okay to stay up an extra half hour.

And in a perfect world, they should also have brushed hair, do their homework immediately without complaining and always wear underwear.

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