Don’t be a boring little sucker.

Halloween & Thanksgiving? Orange sucker.  Christmas? Green/red sucker.  Hanukkah?  Blue sucker.  Valentine’s Day? Red sucker.  St. Patrick’s Day?  Green sucker.  Easter?  Pink sucker. You get the picture.

  Don’t just change the color of your sucker.  

Get creative and really celebrate!  Make homemade pumpkin pie, together, as a family.  And of course carve and bake pumpkin seeds.  Hold a haunted dinner for Halloween night with ribs and spaghetti brains.  Decorate fun monster and ghost cups for the kindergarteners.  Run through a corn maze.

For Easter, hard boil eggs and dye them.  Look at how you appear upside down in a large silver spoon.  Go on an egg hunt.

Dip long-stem strawberries in dark chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and make homemade valentines for everyone you love out of different patterns of paper stock embellished with lace. For school give just a valentine from the heart- no child needs 25 packages filled with eight pieces of candy today.

Set a trap for the leprechaun and wonder out loud why the toilet water is green.

Change your party planning ways, and the world will be a more colorful place.

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