Hot Lunch. Hot Mess?

I let my girls try hot lunch the other day for the very first time.

My youngest had to wait in line so long she barely had 5 minutes to scarf her food down.  The table cleaners were coming by, so she had to stand and drink her milk and throw her carrot sticks out before she had the chance to eat any.  In France, the children eat with leisure, because they believe this social time to replenish their bodies, is an important part of their day.  And they eat goat cheese and beet salads according to “French Kids Eat Everything.”

Then it was my oldest’s turn. Her line was very fast.  But they had run out of vegetables (raw carrot and celery sticks) by the time her grade reached the lunch room.  (Both children chose pepperoni pizza , a whole orange, and white milk.  Not terrible. They were also given a wonderful choice of chicken ceaser salad and a ham, cheese & lettuce sandwich.) Now they have a new cart they roll out. It had cookies, ice cream sandwiches and Doritos.  Now is that really necessary? (The school later sent home a flyer letting parents “opt out” from this cart, so that their children would be unable to make purchases from it.)

I don’t get mad anymore.  I just educate instead.  And it seems to be working.

My husband was playing a game at the park with all the neighborhood kids.  I heard him say, “Whoever catches this ball gets to go to Candyland up in the Sky- the land of lots of sugary sugar!”  He was joking, of course.

My oldest said, “Then forget it, I’m out. I don’t want to go there.”

And then her friend said, “Neither do I!”

But they both agreed, Pumpkin Pie Land was perfectly acceptable.


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