A treat should really be, A TREAT.

What’s with doughnuts and school?  What’s with doughnuts and church?

I see them so much at both of these establishments that, for me, they have been reduced to cheap  junk food- definitely NOT a treat.

I think our school mascot should actually be a mom walking through the school carrying pink cardboard containers of doughnuts held so high that we can’t see the face.  And the way parishioners worship doughnuts at church?  Maybe they should just hand them out as communion instead!  Okay, i went too far with that one.

We did great last week, indulging in only one treat.  And was it ever a treat.  My husband’s homemade pumpkin pie, using real baked pumpkin, with my freshly whipped cream.

Since we hadn’t filled up on cheap, sugary, junk last week i had no problem saying “yes” to my girls when we passed by…

And i am so glad we did.  It really was the best cupcake i ever had. Seriously.                                  And for me, that constitutes as a treat.

It tasted like the best Christmas cookie you’ve ever had or could imagine, in the form of a cupcake.  My daughter and i shared the red velvet one covered in red sprinkles to look like an apple.  (I imagine so it would be a great teacher’s gift?)  I’m not even a fan of red velvet or red sprinkles- i  just let her pick which ever one she wanted.

I predict treats in my future.  Real treats.  S’mores when camping, (dark chocolate of course ;)) and a caramel apple with roasted chopped peanuts (homemade, not the junky cheap grocery store kind.)

With Halloween coming up, if you have great memories of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or frozen mini snicker bars as a kid and you pretty much indulge on only this night?  Then i think that qualifies as a treat!

As with anything in life, make it worth it. 

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