The desert is a nonconformist.

While my Midwest friends have taken their homegrown pumpkins off the vines, here in the desert we are just getting the first of the yellow flowers.  But we are super excited! We’ve waited a long time to see these flowers and are happy they have finally arrived…

(My husband always quietly chuckles when he has to explain that “you have to self pollinate” the flowers to help it along.  Boys.)

Yes, the desert is on its own time- and doesn’t care to conform.  We sweat and stay hydrated with ice water when putting out our Halloween decorations…

 … and buy skimpy Halloween costumes because the weather for trick or treating is quite comfortable.

We spruce up our backyards to get ready for six months of dining al fresco and hanging out with friends- with wine, candlelight and outdoor fireplaces.  Now is also the time we begin to pot our flowers and buy a new pair of running shoes.

But i always know fall is near because the owl returns to his tree…

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