You “grow” girl.

School gardens. Kids not only learn how to cultivate, but learn biology, math and environmental science.  

Studies show that when children learn about where their food comes from and how it is grown, their overall health is improved- physically, emotionally and spiritually.  They are reconnecting with their environment.

Some school gardens even supply their own cafeterias with fresh produce.  But that is a rarity.  However, more and more volunteer and sponsorship organizations are popping up and planting gardens at schools in most states.  If you have good gardening skills and want to help sponsor a local school, check with your favorite garden store.  Of course, financial support is always welcome too.

Here is a website devoted solely to edible education:  If you join as a member, you’ll receive great resources along with instructions on how to get started with volunteers to build a garden at the school of your choice.  Also, Whole Kids Foundation through Whole Foods is now accepting applications to register your school for a garden or salad bar!


source:  Experience Life magazine (Lifetime Fitness) (

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  1. Thanks for the info! Love this idea, everyone benefits.

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