Kid’s restaurant menus

I know it’s cheaper, BUT…

your child does not HAVE to order off the children’s menu at restaurants.

It’s the same old thing:

  • mac n cheese
  • cheeseburger
  • pizza
  • chicken nuggets
  • buttered noodles

How about a chicken caesar salad?  Or tacos? Grilled chicken sandwich?  Soup?  Chips and guacamole?  Shrimp?

Next time you’re out…take an extra couple minutes and look at the regular menu.  They don’t have to eat it all, they can take half home.  Or split it with an adult.

Just a suggestion.

And if it comes with juice, chocolate milk and/or ice cream?  It’s okay to say no. 

California Pizza Kitchen does kind of a nice job- offers some refreshing changes.  Last time we were there they offered on the kid’s menu a lettuce salad tossed lightly in ranch topped with goldfish crackers and they had nongreasy mac n cheese to which they added edamame.

Thanks to CPK for making an effort towards their social responsibility.

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2 Responses to Kid’s restaurant menus

  1. Love this idea! My daughter hates chicken nuggets and “McDonald’s food” as she calls it.

  2. My daughter has always ordered off of the appetizers menu. She loves mozzarella sticks, the little “sliders”, chicken wings and so forth.

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