October Challenge: Spread the Official Date of Food Revolution Day

We have the date of the next…

Friday May 17th, 2013

October Challenge for Ambassadors of Jamie Oliver:  Spread the Official Date with Community Contacts

I communicated with a local high profile chef, a restaurant owner/James Beard Nominiee, our School Principal and my local Whole Foods Store.

I made a personal phone call to the Executive Head Chef Michael Stebner of True Food- a food establishment collaborated by health guru Dr. Andrew Weil and famous restauranteur Sam Fox.  I introduced myself as their local point of contact as the Scottsdale Ambassador for JOFR, and informed them of the date of the next Food Revolution Day.  I also let him know i was there to offer any help or ideas to help celebrate the day or that weekend.

I emailed a James Beard Award Nominee, Kevin Binkley of “Binkley’s” high end dining in Cave Creek, AZ.,  (I understand he once studied under the famous Thomas Keller of The French Laundry) and communicated with his wife, introducing myself and informing them of the date announcement.

I made a meeting with our school principal and sat down with him one on one to inform him of Food Revolution day and to introduce some of my ideas for an event at the school.  He was very welcoming and receptive.

I met with the Lisa Wilson, local marketing manager of Whole Foods who believed in the important meaning of Food Revolution Day, and we have developed ideas for an event, welcomed by the school principal.

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