Q and A with the Sugar Reporter

Some of my readers have suggested future posts b/c they’d like to know the answers! So here are three questions and my answers to them…

1.)  I’m in charge of the fall party at school.  Do you have any ideas that don’t revolve around sugar?

Why yes i do!  Lots!  If you want to go the Halloween route, you could have a “disgusting table”  with egg noodle pasta and red food dye for snake guts, a cauliflower in a container filled with yellow Gatorade for a brain in a science lab, and canned button mushrooms for eye of newt.   Here’s my example from two years ago. 

And you could get toilet paper rolls and let them wrap up a mummy…

You could also read a book about fall or Halloween and have storytime on the carpet.  My favorite is “We’re off to find the Witch’s House,” written by Mr. Krieb and illustrated by R.W. Alley.  See if your school allows a costume party.

You can also make cute characters out of plain party cups at a party stored and serve apple cider.  Here’s what i did with plain white and plain green cups.  I saw these last year in a magazine.  I want to say it was Sandra Lee? But i added the green feather boa 😉


But if you think that’s all a bit too much and want to stick with the fall harvest theme, you could paint mini pumpkins with washable paint (make a demo so kids can see an example) and buy some stencils of fall leaves and make a leaf collage using colored pencils, crayons, markers or washable paint.  

You can have storytime on the carpet with an educational book about why leaves change colors.  You could also have an apple tasting party and try different kinds of apples.  Cut them into tasting wedges. You could do what color do you like best red, green or yellow?  Or, what variety is your favorite?  Honeycrisp, gala, pink lady, granny, etc. 

2.)What’s in your snack drawer?

I keep Annie Chun’s Seaweed, Justin’s Peanut Butters packets, Bison beef sticks,  Pirate Booty, raw walnut halves, macadamia nuts, peanuts in the shell, sunflower seeds, Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bars, dutch cocoa flavored Somersaults, nitrate- free turkey jerky and more.

Other snacks i hand out are small amounts of 70 % dark chocolate, roasted chick peas, kale chips, homemade popcorn on stove, unsweetened cinnamon applesauce, frozen berries and fresh fruits and vegetables of course.

3.)  My child is a vegetarian! Can you think of any vegetarian recipes with a little protein  but no tomatoes?  (She doesn’t like tomatoes.)

Roasted yellow pepper soup with yogurt and pumpkin seeds, fish tacos, or…  

grilled shrimp on corn tortilla with mango papaya salsa.  

You could try three bean white chili.  White pizza with garlic and diced onions.  Whole wheat pasta with pesto, red peppers and parmesan cheese.  Spinach frittata.  Bruschetta with olive tapenade and feta cheese.     A greek salad with hummus and pita bread.  

I think the key here, is look at recipes for ideas, and then adapt them to your taste buds.

Thank you passionate readers! I love your feedback!

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