Teaching teachers their important role in the health of our kids

Nutrition Education for Teachers

This program is needed.  My daughter’s teacher this year tells her kids her favorite treat is milky way candy bars and she likes to eat them every week.  

The other two years she had very health minded teachers who encouraged healthy snacks and mid day stretching.

Healthy role models inspire change.

“Educators are some of the most important role models for our children. Whole Kids Foundation is piloting nutrition and cooking education for teachers with the goal of improving their nutrition, health and wellness. This pilot is taking place in…  Austin, Texas, with the Austin Independent School District. (They) hope to roll out resources more broadly in 2012.”

Source:  Whole Kids Foundation website

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4 Responses to Teaching teachers their important role in the health of our kids

  1. wartica says:

    I only wish I had a teacher that preached healthy habits, but glad to see some teachers are making an effort :))

  2. Beth Clayton says:

    Hi Amy – I know you wrote this a while ago, but I just saw this post and had to tell you that I completely agree with you! It is amazing what comes to school when there are no guidelines! I also think it is great for teachers to eat WITH the children and talk with them about the foods that they are eating. It is much more relevant than an isolated nutrition class. We have decided to be a sugar free school, which translates to no deserts, no candy, no soda, no juice. It seems to be harder on the parents than the children sometimes. Keep up the great posts!

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