Have you been Boo’d?

Some neighbors take turns “boo-ing” another neighbor.  It’s the highest form of a compliment, lol.  You WANT to get boo’d.  It’s like ding-dong ditch, where you ring their doorbell and then take off before they come to the door- but this time you leave them a gift bag full of Halloween surprises.  It usually accompanies a sign like this one…

…so you can hang it on your door to let others know that you’ve been boo’d and that they should choose someone else.

Since we’ll soon have a two month supply of candy our bodies don’t need anyways- how about filling your “boo bag” with other things beside sugar.  Like what?  Well all Halloween related things that you’d find in your local Walgreens or Walmart Halloween aisle like…

glow sticks,  glow balloons (yes, they have these now,) socks, head bands & other hair accessories, spray-on purple hair color, fake blood, plastic cups, mini-flashlights, fake spiders, snakes or mice, tumblers, face paint, spider webs, orange streamers, black and orange nail polish, a box of indoor lights, caution tape, fancy straws, mini-stuffed animal, costume accessories, Halloween book, fall crafts, costume jewelry, etc., etc.

We love to do it so much, we boo’d three people!  One year, i think we did six houses!  Always spreading holiday cheer over here!  Blog love!

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