Valentine Etiquette

I looked the other way in December.  I gave you a quiet January.

 You’re welcome 🙂

DSC04320So, time to get real.  Let’s talk Valentine’s Day.  I want to make sure your  sugar war armor fits, so you are prepared because one of the best strategies for battle is…

the element of surprise.

I’ve been surprised now for about 5 years.  I wish all of you could have seen the look on my face as i stood there in my children’s classrooms at their Valentine parties each and every year.

Why was i surprised?

Since when did it become standard to tape candy to the Valentine?  Is a Valentine not enough anymore?  Each year i thought…oh, i suppose, it’s preschool  .  Oh, i get it, Kindergarten, cute.  Oh, maybe its just our classroom.  Or this teacher.  Or that room mom.

Nope.  It’s pretty much everybody.  Apparently, I never got the memo.

Topping my list of “Greatest Grade School Memories” includes decorating my Valentine “mailbox,”  walking around the desks “mailing” my store-bought cards, and opening my box and reading who sent me what.

Like when my crush sent me, “You’re too cute, be mine!”


when the quiet girl sent me, “Let’s be friends Valentine.”

And i don’t think we were required to give mandatory valentines to everyone, so the ones you got were REALLY special.

But i’m prepared this year.  I get it.  It WILL happen.  I’ll either continue to give “just” a Valentine, or i’ll tape a heart-healthy, dark chocolate, red foil heart to it.  Valentine’s Day is just a DAY…not a monthlong consumption of cheap, sugary, food dye.  Jeez, at least pop for some expensive, luxurious Belgian chocolate, what kind of girls do you think we are?DSC04889

 Mama didn’t raise no dime store babies.DSC05355

Chocolate or candy should be reserved for the really special people on this day, not just…

 everyone you know.

Fun Hint:  Take that box of candy hearts with the sayings on them and hand them out to people one at a time.  Go ahead and work up the courage to give the cute boy the “Hot Stuff” candy heart.  Or your niece “Cutie Pie.”  That will be way more fun than giving a whole mandatory box of “everything.”

 And another crazy thing?  I think some parents think their daughter or son will be more popular or well liked if they give BIG candy.  Really.                                               (coughshallowcough) (coughcan’tbuytruefriendscough)

Enjoy the month of love!  Kiss.  Hug.  Make homemade Valentine’s from beautiful paper, lace, ribbon, stickers and beads.  Give them in person or by mail.  Eat quality dark chocolate.  Eat a bowl full of cherries.  Dip strawberries in dark chocolate.


Or rent or buy a chocolate fountain and have a dipping party.

Kiss and Hug some more.

Chocolate fountain


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