My Food Education Goals for 2013

I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful January.

DSC05566In 2013, my goal in supporting the food revolution will be to share ideas as to how to celebrate holidays, seasons, parties and other big events in a fun and healthy way without using sugar as an easy crutch, through my blog,  It is the most effective and affordable way that i can reach people all around the world.


Last year, in the five short months i blogged, i had over 3,ooo views in 52 countries.  I had 38 followers reading my 76 posts and uploaded over 300 photos.  My focus was raising awareness of how much sugar children are consuming on a weekly basis, the daily struggles I faced trying to avoid my children from having too much, along with some recipes in between.  I urged readers to keep a mental junk food journal to help track the number of sweets.


This year i’m excited to offer a fresh perspective on food education to families, reminding my readers that a party doesn’t have to mean…

a sugar cookie or doughnut with rainbow sprinkles.


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