Pigging Out On Truffles

I signed my girls up for a chocolate truffle making class before Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate tricks your brain into feeling like you’re falling in love.  Who needs Cupid when you have chocolate?

My children weren’t too excited…until we arrived and saw all the powdered sugar and pure cocoa in metal mixing bowls…


…along with a big bowl of melted chocolate.


I loved that the recipe only calls for five ingredients- all natural.  Four to make the truffle center (bittersweet chocolate, an orange, butter and heavy cream)…


and one for the topping you choose to roll the center around in.


They got messy.  They licked their fingers.


They learned not to stab the center with the fork, but to scoop it up and balance it, while letting the excess chocolate drip though the prongs.


I “ate this all up” because i am a chocolatier myself, and i delighted in passing the art of chocolate down to my little afficiandos.

They had fun rolling them all around and took five home each.


Ditch the candy hearts, marshmallow Peeps, candy Nerds, etc.  Your body needs REAL FOOD, and yes, chocolate IS food…

Food of the Gods.


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