Junkfoodjournal Update

There’s good news and bad news.  

The bad news is…

this is the amount of candy FIVE DAYS LATER that was in my daughter’s Valentine Box from school.


The good news is…

here is a huge red radish from the garden we had all the kids plant at our neighborhood garden block party back in September!

DSC06805Stand up for real food!

p.s.  I’m enjoying reading “French Kids Eat Everything.”

(If you enjoyed this, you will also enjoy school-bites.com/valentines-candy-in-school/)

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4 Responses to Junkfoodjournal Update

  1. 5353535 says:

    Nice Stash Amy!
    I was wondering why my daughter was acting so completely wacky after getting off of the bus after her school party on Friday! All that candy!
    What ever happened to just cute cards?

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