French Kids Eat Everything- EXCEPT SNACKS!

Bonjour mon ami!


I’ve wanted this book for a long time.  I ordered it from the bookstore and treated myself to its purchase for my birthday.

Here are the basic French Food Rules…

#1  You (the parent/guardian) are in charge of Food Education!

#2  Don’t use food as a reward or bribe.  This will help to avoid emotional eating.

#3  Parents schedule meals and menus.  Kids eat what adults eat!  No short order cooking.

#4  Eat family meals together with no distractions.

#5   Eat a variety of vegetables.  The author, Karen Le Billon, thinks it’s okay to look at weekly consumption vs. daily consumption for ease.

#6  You don’t have to like it, but you do have to taste it.  This you are to say at every meal!

#7  No Snacking!  The author says what my husband tells our kids, “It’s okay to feel hungry between meals!”  She believes in four meals a day:  breakfast,  lunch, after school, and a late dinner sometime between 7:00-8:00 pm.  (This is going to be our new goal.  Today they didn’t eat enough after school and i caved in and served dinner early which will put me in trouble tonight.  We are work in progress!)

#8  Slow food is happy food- as in eat slowly.  This is to satisfy satiety and of course, give your brain enough time to react.  Instead of asking, “Are you full?”  Ask, “Are you still hungry?”

#9  Eat mostly real food.  Treats are okay for special occasions.  (This is my own personal motto!)

#10  Relax!  Eating is joyful.  Put on nice music and make it a stress free time to gather family and maybe some friends too.

Did you know little French children have longer lunch periods than American children?  Yes! They also enjoy several courses of real food at lunchtime…including beets, goat cheese and shredded carrots with vinaigrette!

This book is such a different perspective from what we are used to.  Read the book and learn other things such as we Americans appear rude to the French by the way we stand, eat alone, or slurp a big coffee or drink throughout the day.  Meals should be shared and always eaten at the table…not the car, not the sofa, and not their bedroom.  And much more!

Au revoir and merci beaucoup!

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