Biking Through Candyland


Not a bike lesson, but a lesson in my neighborhood’s after school snacks.

I got a new bike for my birthday, a cruiser. As I was dreaming about adding a front basket for my fresh produce and long baguette, my two kids and i set out on our first neighborhood bike ride.

Two of their friends joined us.  One mom came out asking if they could come in for a bowl of ice cream.  I said no because i have homemade chicken soup waiting for them and i didn’t want to spoil their appetite, but thank you.  Meanwhile, one of their friends is trying her best to tear off a piece of chewy, stretchy, five neon-colored, striped, sparkly candy.

We go through a park, down a pretty path and ’round the corner. We pass more wonderful friends who stop the car to hand one of my kids a Hershey’s kiss and a peppermint candy.

By the way, it’s a measly Tuesday…with not a holiday in site.

If you have kids, what do you feed them for an after school snack?

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3 Responses to Biking Through Candyland

  1. 5353535 says:

    I had an eye opener the other day. I decided to calculate how much sugar was in everything my kids ate for a day and was totally disgusted! If you add up everything, (I didn’t even include natural fruit sugars) it was horrendous and I consider us pretty healthy eaters. I pointed it out to my husband and he said, “Our kids don’t eat too much sugar.” and then I added it up for him. He couldn’t believe it!
    The next day, I had the conversation with a group of girlfriends about how much sugar is in our children’s diets that we don’t even realize. One of my good friends said, “I am not worried about it, my kids works it all off.” and “Sandy, maybe your kids can’t handle it, but mine act fine.”, and then another, “Kids need a little sugar Sandy.” I wasn’t telling them to point the finger at them. It is certainly a struggle for us as well, I was just pointing out all the hidden sugar, like in yogurt, gummy “fruit” snacks, certain peanut butter and jelly, packaged waffles with syrup, Cherrios, and other things like a Capri Sun, chocolate milk that they are choosing at school. Amy, they shut off and really didn’t want to hear it. One of my friends said, “So then what do we give our kids to eat?”
    Really, and truly, I was shut down. My daughter’s good friend is allowed to drink as much soda as she wants because she is “skinny”. Hmmmm
    I pray I give my children the tools to make healthy choices when they eventually fly on their own. That is the best we can do. Keep up your good work Amy!

  2. 5353535 says:

    Amy… I just got a text from the same Mom that said “her kid could handle the sugar.”
    She texted…”Ketchup has sooooo much sugar! Ugh! Depressing!”


    • You planted the seed! Good for you! I know that feeling you had. It’s like you’re an alien on another planet! That’s why I love the food revolution family because there really are lots of people out there like you and me. Strength in numbers keeps me going. Always respect and appreciate your comments!

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