Sugar Free Camping Minus One Marshmallow

My resolution this year was to celebrate holidays and parties with lots of fun,

without using sugar as a crutch.

This party challenge was a fun one! We decided on a camping sleepover in the backyard for my daughter’s 7th birthday.


And the only sugar ingested was one marshmallow inside a s’more! (A girl’s gotta live!)


And that was our dessert…no birthday cake was given on top of that…she had birthday cake on her REAL birthday, and that is enough.

We made friendship bracelets…


played a s’mores card game….


went on a scavenger hunt…


had a glow stick hunt in the dark at a park they had to bike to get to


and roasted doggies.  We served only water.

We sent home a few marshmallows in a “base kit,” (feel a little bad about that one…blaming that on a time crunch)


but at least the parents can manage that one.  (We are used to being the bad guys afterall, right?)

The six girls got so much exercise, they were in their tent by 9 pm and sleeping by 10 pm!


Right before bed, one party guest had personally brought and handed out mini suckers.  It was too late to say no, and they were really little i guess. Still wasn’t happy…but…when that same girl tried to move onto the pink peeps,


someone who didn’t approve of all this excess sugar sharing (my birthday girl) told me so i could intervene! (**Angel.**) I went in to confiscate the grocery bag full of not only peeps, but twix, snickers, milky ways and gummi bears.  Are you kidding me?  Everyone was just about to go to sleep happily, after lots of innocent fun, and they didn’t even need or miss this junk.


I took that bag faster than The Grinch stole Christmas. My excuse?

“No food allowed in the tent.”

Ha Ha.

Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast with fresh assorted berries.  Done.

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4 Responses to Sugar Free Camping Minus One Marshmallow

  1. caseyhinds says:

    Nice job and I like what you said about not using sugar as a crutch. A S’more has 19 grams of sugar and the recommended limit for kids that age is 12 grams so not having cake too was a really good call. I’m shocked that another child would bring all that candy to a party.

  2. Tina says:

    Love that you did this…….there is more to life than sugar!:). You handled taking candy away with a soft sly touch…..quick thinking. I give you most credit for no cake. I honestly don’t know if I could pull that off. Congrats!

    • I made up a camp song where they repeated after me…like a boot camp/army song, “I don’t know what I’ve been told,” that sort of thing…so she had a special bday song not related to cake. And everyone wanted to sing it over and over! We must have sang it ten times that night! So the birthday girl felt extra special. Thanks for your very nice and supportive comment.

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