You Deserve a Break Today

Mom, Dad, Nanny or Sitter have been going, going, going…all summer long.

There’s a Pixar movie out that everyone will enjoy, yay! Sitting for 98 minutes in an air conditioned theatre fits the bill today.  Kids are excited.


Movie’s out! Everyone loved it! Now the little balls of endless energy are begging for a Happy Meal at McDonald’s so they can get the free toy from the movie they oh so loved.  You don’t want them eating fast food for lunch, but they’ve been such good kids, you want to make them happy.  Dilemma? Nope! No dilemma.

SUMMER TIP:  Did you know that you can go through the McDonald’s Drive-thru and ONLY order the toy?? Yes! You can!! It will cost you $1.50 per toy.

And it won’t cost you an ounce of guilt or plaque on your child’s arteries.

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2 Responses to You Deserve a Break Today

  1. Jennifer says:

    Never knew that! Leave it the sugar reporter to leave us a great kid friendly tip!

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