Oooo la la… j’adore french influences

“Mommy?  Can you buy some pears because they go really well with this cheese?” my 7 y.o. asks me in a sweet little voice.


“What color?”


 And, all on her own, she ate it for dessert after dinner. 

Just like the french!

Yes.  Children understand food pairings. (It reminded me of the scene in the children’s film, Ratatouille, when the little rat chef wannabe tried to explain food pairings to the rest of his family after they discovered the best restaurant in all of Paris.)

I knew there was a reason we gave her “Paris” for a middle name.  And another french thing she does?  She uses a fork for EVERYTHING.

Yes.  Even hamburgers or pizza.

She studies french on her own using books and iPads, and wants to be a fashion model.  Sweet, adorable girl.  She marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t concern herself about fitting in.  I respect that.

And i saw her savoring that last single drop of beaujolais in my empty wine glass when she thought no one was looking!

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2 Responses to Oooo la la… j’adore french influences

  1. Shandra Locken says:

    Love this post!

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