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Want REAL lunch food for your really awesome kid that matches YOUR nutritional standards, not the governments?



Yes. School lunch is sooooo much easier for the parent.

But the easier path is not always the right path.  


Looking for inspiration,  I came across  This super mom has a lunch box idea list you can print that is broken down into different food groups.  She also has pictures of filled bento boxes to see how presentation can keep your child from getting bored with lunch.  The lunches are sized for a preschooler, so you can make adjustments for your older child(ren).

A boxed lunch may also help give your child an extra five minutes to eat because they don’t have to stand in the lunch line.

If you’re a single parent that has “too much on their plate” right now, no guilt!  School food IS improving, slowly. But what i want you to do right now, is tell your child to limit their daily intake of sugary flavored milk.  Implement “flavored fridays” and turn that high calorie drink into an end of the school week treat.

“We so got this.”


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