Smack That Pomegranate

Here’s a magical kitchen trick- that will leave you feeling like a magician- while deseeding, thus conquering, the powerful  pomegranate…



1.  Make a 1/2 inch cut all around, but do not cut it in half.


2.  Pull it apart so you have two halves.


3.  Gently stretch the pom by pulling on the outside to loosen up the grip it has on the seeds. This is important or the next step will not work. Now turn one of the halves, seed side down, onto the palm of your hand with your fingers spread wide.  With your other hand…

smack that pomegranate…


with a wooden spoon several times over a bowl, and all the seeds will fall into the bowl.

Serve them to your kids and watch the seeds disappear.


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2 Responses to Smack That Pomegranate

  1. Chylon Brigham says:

    That is genius!! Thanks for sharing. I love pomegranate but never know how to get the seeds out without a lot of work.

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