Salt Their Oats…Not Their Nuts.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…but you can put salt in his oats.”  

-quote i learned from Mr. Bandettini (my favorite teacher EVER)

I have memories as a little girl, all alone in our fancy unused living room, staring at a bowl of whole nuts still in their shells– with shiny tools nearby resembling surgical instruments.


Decoration perhaps?  Maybe a gift?

Without parental consent, i began to crack each nut open, and dig out the nut in a way that’d make any archeologist proud.

And from that day forward, i like walnuts.  So now that i have children of my own, i nonchalantly place a bowl full of whole walnuts in their shells around the holidays… leaving them on the kitchen table with their necessary tools needed to crack and dig.

And guess what?

I got my kids to love and eat walnuts...just like my parents got me to love and eat walnuts.  Not by forcing, not by verbally explaining their health benefits, but by…

sheer curiosity alone.

Of course i wasn’t thrilled that they and their friends experimented with alternate ways to crack them open- throwing them at the walls and placing them under my nice rug and jumping on them.

Oh, what a mess!  A horribly wonderful, omega 3, food education mess.


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3 Responses to Salt Their Oats…Not Their Nuts.

  1. Chylon Brigham says:

    I love this trip down nostalgia lane and what a great visual of your children cracking nuts all around your beautiful home!!! Thanks for sharing, my daughter has been asking about different kinds of nuts lately. Time to reintroduce an old tradition!!

  2. RealFoodie says:

    And just to note…decoration nutcrackers don’t work! Haley tried and broke the handle. LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting Chylon! 🙂

  3. We started the Christmas tradition of mixed nuts in shell on the table in a bowl with the nutcracker. Muffin loved them all–but especially the almonds. He soon became able to recognize them by their shell–as well as the hazelnuts, my favorite. He actually went through two bowls last holiday season because of his interest in the nuts…and the cracker.

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