Follow Me Fellow Foodies

“Why does this blog title sound like something a pirate, a leprechaun or bugs bunny would say? Hmmm…anyways…”


I’ve been busy building my Junkfoodjournal Facebook Page! If you’d like to follow me there as well to enjoy short posts with beautiful food photos & quirky food posts i’d love for you to join me and stay current on Junkfoodjournal’s thoughts of the moment.  I don’t sell anything, I just share food love with food lovers.

The posts are quick, a little sassy at times, but honest, real and i hope inspirational.  WARNING: sometimes i come across real food that is borderline food porn… like this platter of vegetables=>…but i promise you i will not cross the line.


You know what to do:

1.  Search Facebook for Junkfoodjournal. <-Make sure you spell it this way. All one word. Only the first letter is capitalized.

2.  Click “Like” to follow.

3.  Comment lots!

AT3A4197-1.jpg%22See you on the other side!

 Of course i still am a blog addict and you bet your booty i will keep on bloggin.  It’s what i love…it’s what i live for! Okay now i sound like Ursula the sea witch.

Peace, Love and Real Food


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2 Responses to Follow Me Fellow Foodies

  1. tvkapherr says:

    Like your blog! I’m following now. I’ll find you on Facebook, but to make it easier for others, add a Facebook widget.

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