Party With A Food Rev Ambassador!

Anyone who knows me, knows i LIVE to…. write about, film, photograph, play with, speak of, cook, serve and enjoy real food.  


[photo: Cooking Demo/Food Ed class at Whole Foods for Earth Day]

I love teaching our youth about how our bodies are affected by the food we eat, SO in honor of the BIG, worldwide Food Revolution Day this year…

i’m opening my home to neighborhood children and their wonderful messes for a FUN &WILD Food Rev party & cooking class in my personal kitchen to celebrate, promote and inform kids about real food.  (Yes i have scotch guarded my new fabric upholstered kitchen stools, lol. Twice.)

(Follow my blog or like my Facebook page to tune in to watch the video of the party after May 16th, 2014!)

Because anyone who knows me also knows my front door is a revolving door for kids in my hood who need a safe place to hang, a chair to sit, water to drink, a healthy snack or a caring adult who will give of their time and energy.



Amy Baker Wambold

Scottsdale, AZ Ambassador for The Food Revolution Community

My blog:

My facebookpage:  Junkfoodjournal


 p.s. These two photos were taken from Food Revolution Day 2013 when i brought a free, organic Whole Foods fresh fruit market to a local elementary school and handed out 500 pieces of oranges, apples, bananas and peaches to all the children after a walk to school day!


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